Wednesday, January 07, 2009


So, I started playing a stupid myspace game called Bloodlines in order to get $25,000in Own Your Friends money. I have managed to get a couple of people very angry at me because apparently I have breached vampire etiquette by attacking the same person more than 3 times. I am only trying to reach stupid level 12 so that I can get the stupid money. and I attacked the same person because I finally found someone I could beat, what with my clan of 1 and my one pair of fangs. whatever. I am on level 11 after 2 days, and I plan to hit level 12 tonight and then I can delete the app and be done with it.

I am halfway done with the third Twilight book. Wow, is it good. I can not believe how into these I am. In case anyone cares, I think I am leaning towards Team Jacob. I think I know that it is not going to happen for Jacob and Bella, but I wish she's reconsider. If he wasn't a vampire, I would think that Edward is a slight bit psychotically-stalkerish-controlling, as sweet as he may be. But, what do I know?

So,I just realized that Colton Iverson (Gophers) is wearing #45. Now, aside from the whole cutesy "Colt 45" thing, my issue with this is that HELLO, there is already a #45, and he can not be replaced. Dusty is, and always will be, #45! Iverson is a perfectly acceptable player, but Dusty Rychart is a large part of the reason that I am a gopher fan, watching him play was inspiring and fun. Plus, he's hot. How can someone else be #45? Did Dusty approve this? My Dusty autograph is signed with #45, and it is a picture of Dusty wearing his #45 jersey. My autograph is now more worthless than it was 10 minutes ago. Actually, to quote a post on Dusty's website "Value is in the eye of the beholder". So to me it is worth eleventymilliodollars! but it has now been devalued by Colt 44 (which sounds fine to me). This is a travesty. Anyone care enough to start a petition?? I would, but I'm kinda lazy. But if someone else starts one, I will definitely sign (provided that they send me a link and I don't have to fill in my name, address and date of birth- that's too much work).

I just ran spell check. Apparently stalkerish isn't really a word??? Someone should start a petition for Merriam-Webster to get that one official. It's a good word.

Ok, back to work......


Gaft Girl said...

That was pretty much all in gibberish. :-)

Gaft Girl said...

On second thought, there is vampire etiquette? Is that French?