Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Heavy thoughts tonight, and they aren't of Snow White....

It's Wednesday!! But it's also my Friday! Back to Cali in less than 24 hours! I so need a vacation! and I'm getting almost nearly close to caught up with my work!

Nothing more today, I need to get several things done so I don't need to do any work for the next 5 days!

Today's Lula - A cream colored Classic with a weird color combination of polka dots - they are forest green and seafoam green. So I paired it with a Lindsay in a 3rd shade of green. Because why not? And jeans because it's my Friday!

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Vacations and shopping sprees, these are a few of her favorite things I'm going to work on the expense report and commissions and get those all wrapped up so tomorrow I can just do general email and follow up housecleaning so I'll be already for California!! I can't wait to leave the cold and snow!

Last night a brand new pair of my LulaLeggings ripped. I'm rather disappointed, although I have had really good luck. Out of at least 150 pairs, only 3 have ripped or gotten holes. At least these were a free gift pair.

Today's Lula is a solid black Irma from the Noir collection, a solid red sheer Lindsay and leggings that are black with red polka dots. The Lindsay looks coraly in the picture, but it is a true red. I was super excited for the black Irma, but the fabric seems cheaper than my other Irma's. It's way thinner. Oh, well. At least I'm super matchy-matchy.

Monday, December 04, 2017

I've sailed a thousand ships.....

It's Monday.....I may be still slightly hungover from our post-funeral trip to the bar on Friday. I usually don't like Bloody Mary's unless I make them myself and they are 1/2 pickle juice. But Becky ordered one and it was too spicy for her, so I drank it. And it was very good. Then I had several peachy drinks and a Jag bomb. It was horrible, but it was very nice to unwind, and I haven't seen Becky in forever.

The funeral was beautiful and sad. LC was so wonderful. And when she was younger, she looked a lot like Audrey Hepburn. It was a great tribute to her. I will miss her so much.

And then there is 10-2. That could be why my stomach hurts. The anticipation of how this season is going to play out. Being a Vikings fan is so tragically painful to the point where we are so accustomed to things going wrong that it is hard to accept when we are winning. But no matter what, this has been an amazing season.

I colored my hair last night and I went a little too red. I'm not very happy with it, but I guess I'm stuck. At least I got a $5 Target gift card for buying 2 boxes of the dye.

And finally, today's Lula is solid Navy Lynnae, a cream Lindsay, and a pair of fun leggings.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I got to give credit where credit is due......

Thursday and I have a ton of work to get done today. Last night I spent about 3 hours watching training videos to get ready for month end. I think I'm getting close to being ready. We shall see!

Not much else. Today's Lula is a teal Carly, the very first one I ever bought, leggings and an AMAZING cream colored sweater material Lindsay. I'm in love!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

So I guess the fortune teller's right....

Wednesday and I'm a little bit disappointed in myself. I planned on grabbing the last piece of leftover Thanksgiving pie for breakfast, but I totally forgot. Or I didn't forget, and I just ran out of time this morning. Either way, I really wanted the pie. Probably didn't need it, but definitely wanted it.

I've been continuing my trial of the Norwex make-up remover cloth, and it is not going well at all. My face is one huge break-out. The cloth works great at removing make-up, but my skin is a disaster zone and I really need the Benzoyl Peroxide in the ProActiv to stop the cyst thingy's from coming out. I have 3 right now, so no selfies for several days. I think I will try the cloth to remove the make up followed by the ProActiv and see what happens.

Today's Lula is an Irma, a Lindsay and jeans. But today's outfit is really about the shoes. I've had these Nine West shoes for a million years but hate to wear anything but flats and boots. These jeans are too long and I needed the extra couple of inches to avoid tripping and flailing flat on my face.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

But could you walk and talk at the same time?

Another day....I guess I'm doing okayish today, trying to focus on work and trying not to think too much. I have a lot I want to get done today. Back to Cali in a week and a half. I'm so very thankful to be able to take vacations and go places and to see the Princess. We are doing Christmas when I get there, so I need to make time to mail her presents out there. She is easy to shop for, but B is impossible. I ended up getting her a pair of moccasins that AlyOhh said she'd like and some Norwex stuff. Because who doesn't like cleaning supplies??

C-C-W told me yesterday that the funeral is being planned for Friday. I hate funerals so much. But I know I need to go. L-C was always so wonderful to me. There entire family is always so nice. I hate that they are going through this.

Ok, to happier things. Today's Lula is a burgundyish Amelia. I'm still on the fence about Amelia. It has a zipper in the back (and pockets!!) which is super nice. But it also makes me look like an over-inflated beach ball. Give and take, I guess. I paired it with a Target sweater and boots.

Last nights Lula was a pair of leggings and an Irma.

Monday, November 27, 2017

You got yourself into your own mess.....

Monday..... I didn't get any work done this weekend. I meant to, but I just couldn't. I'm so sad. C-C-W's mom passed away on Thanksgiving evening. L-C was just the absolutest sweetest, most wonderful person. She always made me feel special. This is a horrible loss to me, her family, and to the whole world. I will forever treasure the beautiful thank you card she sent me just a few weeks ago. It was so beautiful. She had a wonderful soul and I'm a better person for having known her.

Not many people make such a huge impact in your life, but she is one of those people. I'm thankful she is no longer in any pain, but I wish I could have seen her one last time.

It's going to be hard to concentrate on work for a while, but maybe it will take my mind off this sadness. I feel so bad for C-C-W. I know what she's going through, and I know there is nothing I can do to help ease her pain except be here for her.

Although it feels wrong to post my outfit of the day, I know Lois would want everyone to go on and do things that make them happy. So, today's Lula is a hot pink Perfect, leggings and a white, glittery Lindsay.

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Thanksgiving's Lula was a pair of purple polka dot leggings and my Diggs jersey. Skol!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

You fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into.....

Wednesday!! Or Friday!! Or Thanksgiving Eve!! Or the day before a 4 day weekend!! Whatever day it is, it's a great day! My training session yesterday afternoon was very helpful and we worked through a lot of the issues I'm having with the new system. I'm mostly doing things right, I'm just scared I'll break something. But the trainer assured me I won't, so I'm taking him at his word.

I do still have a lot to get done, but I feel a million times better about it.

I miss my co-worker Zindy. She retired a few weeks ago, and she was my go-to for things like having a piece of lint in my hair that I couldn't get out. Now I have no one to help me with this important crises. Thanks for abandoning me, Zindy!!

Today's Lula is a yellow Lynnae, a sheer navy Lindsay, and my festive feather leggings. They seemed appropriate for the upcoming holiday. The yellow felt like a bit much so I added the Lindsay to break it up a bit. I think it works. But it was hard to find boots that match.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

But it won't be there if you can't deal with my mind......

Tuesday....I spent last night shampooing the carpet. All I wanted to do was sleep, I still don't feel 100%. I have a ton of extra snot. Yuck!!

I was planning on wearing a Carly today, but then I remembered that I have a ton of work to do and I want to be comfortable so I went with leggings and an Irma. Now I can sit however I want and not have to worry about a dress riding up and showing off my hot pink lace. Or solid gray cotton.

Today is a striped Irma and solid black leggings:

Last night I'm not entirely sure if I matched. Or clashed enough to match. But Miss Mari, the pre-teen fashion diva, says that I matched. So I'm going with her opinion. She's fashion. And plus it was around the house for cleaning and it was comfortable. A striped Irma and striped leggings:

Monday, November 20, 2017

Some boys try and some boys lie but....

A Monday that is sort of like a Wednesday.....My weekend was pretty good. I got a ton of work done, the Christmas tree is up, I wrapped several presents, I ordered a few presents online, I made an extra $15 on the Ibotta app, and the Vikings are 8-2 and held one of the best offenses in the league to 7 points. Could not have asked for a better defensive showing. I'm getting excited. I was wearing Diggs, so I guess I will continue to wear him as long as we're winning!

I tried really hard to get a pair of solid black leggings for C-C-W's mom, but I didn't have any success. I will keep trying, I would love to gift them to her. I did manage to score a solid black Carly from Cherie. I can't wait to wear that one!

Today's Lula is a cream colored Perfect, leggings, and a purple (Skol!) lace Lindsay.

Saturday's trip to the grocery store was a black and white Irma and solid black leggings.

Friday, November 17, 2017

You should never argue with a crazy mind (mmm)....

It's Friday!! I am sooooo ready for a weekend. Even though most of that weekend will be spent working. But I seem to be catching on to the working from home thing and am able to focus and get work done. I spent about 2 hours last night processing commissions and I got a lot done.

The only thing on the agenda for the weekend is work, the Vikings game and wrapping some presents. I can't believe it's time to put up the tree.  This past year has flown by!

Today's Lula is just a simple striped Irma with jeans. It's comfortable and easy!

Last nights Lula was better. A lavender Perfect and my puzzle piece leggings.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I can understand how you'd be so confused, I don't envy you.....

Thursday.....I worked for 3 hours last night when I got home, but I got a lot done. I also managed to lock myself out of the system twice by forgetting my password. Which is the same password for everything and I type it a million times a day. My brilliance is at an all-time high.

My hair is super staticky today. And that is apparently not a word. But as long as I know what I mean.

Today's Lula is a Carly, a Lindsay and the Disney Rose Beauty and the Beast leggings. I've had these leggings forever but have never worn them because I didn't have the perfect top. But this Carly works great!

Last nights Lula was a pink and bluey-gray striped Randy with solid blue sleeves and leggings. I want to love Randy, but I hate the inconsistency of the fit. This 2x fits like a large. And I have 2x's that fit like 5x's. They are supposed to run the same as traditional sizes, so I should definitely be able to wear a large or extra large. But I can't.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

We're friends worldwide, breakin' all the rules...

Wednesday!! Mission accomplished! Kind of. I managed to keep my necklace on the entire time I was at work yesterday. However, I did leave at 11:15 to work from home for the rest of the day. Something in the HVAC malfunctioned and the ceiling was making a loud banging noise. I could deal with that. But then smoke started pouring out of the ceiling vents. A lot of smoke. So we spent over an hour outside while the firefighters and maintenance people did their thing and cleared out the smoke. But the office smelled like burning plastic so I decided to just go home and work where it smells like cigarettes and Netflix.

I got a lot done yesterday afternoon and I think I might finally understand processing agent commission in our new system. Fingers and toes crossed!

Today's Lula is a black and white Irma, black pants and black fake-suede boots. I love the pattern of the Irma, it's striped with a floral design over.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Take your mind off your worries for a moment or two.....

Tuesday.....So much to get done today. And I already need a nap. When I got to work, the HVAC system was banging super loud. I was afraid it was going to explode. But it seems to have settled down. It's still loud, but the banging stopped.

Today's Lula is a fall-colored Julia and a Lindsay. I'm also wearing a necklace I picked up from D2. I usually don't wear jewelry, but this necklace is absolutely perfect with this dress. And my goal today is to keep the necklace on until I get home. When I wear jewelry, I usually end up taking it off after an hour or so. But today I'm committed!

Monday, November 13, 2017

I knew him forever in a minute (hey)....

Monday! I'm hoping today flies by because I may or may not have stayed up a little too late playing Words with Friends. I didn't have enough time to wash my hair so I used the baby powder "trick" that I first read about in a Sweet Valley High book 100 years ago. And I have yet to perfect it. Or even get mildly good at it. I always end up looking like I dumped baby powder on my head. But today I don't care because I'm tired.

I had a great weekend. For starters, 7-2!! And I met up with MPS for lunch. I haven't seen her in a billion years, but she is just as sweet as ever. We had a good lunch. And I'm glad to hear she's doing well. And now she's probably doing even better because I gave her a pair of LulaLeggings.

I was able to pick up some amazing Lula for M's kids for Christmas. They are going to be super stylish! I'm actually probably pretty close to being done shopping. The Princess asked for cash, so I'll give her some in addition to the LulaLoot I got her. Super easy.

Today's Lula is a solid red Lynnae, a beige Lindsay and leggings.

Yesterday for lunch with MPS I went with a solid blue Lynnae, a Lindsay and leggings:

And Friday night's Lula was a solid green Irma and one of the first pairs of leggings I ever bought with pinwheels and birds. I didn't know they had birds on them or I never would have bought them. But they are perfect with this Irma:

Friday, November 10, 2017

An image of you and of me and we're laughing and loving it all......

It's Friday!!! 2 pieces of great news to share - first, I almost left the office yesterday without a pile of jackets and sweaters. I got all the way to the door, then I remembered and turned back. My closet at home is now filled with my cool-weather wear. So I didn't wear a jacket today even though it's 14 degrees so that there was zero chance I'd leave it in the office. Smart thinking, Jennie!!

Secondly, I went through the Target Black Friday ad, and there is not one single reason to venture out at 3 am. I was slightly intrigued by the 20% off coupon, but then that would just lead to more unnecessary spending. I need to save my money my Lula and lip gloss.

And it's Friday!! Yes, I will be working all weekend. But it will be from the couch. My only real plan is lunch on Sunday with an old friend from high school. I haven't seen her since the Senior Party. We were very good friends in 8th-9th grade until we got into a bit of trouble together and she wasn't allowed to hang out with me anymore. Then I moved so we could hang out again because I was no longer the "troublemaker from the trailer park"since I moved to an actual house. So we hung out again through high school and then lost touch until Facebook. She was always the absolute sweetest person. I deeply regret not keeping in touch with her, she was so very nice. But I shall see her on Sunday if we can coordinate schedules. There are very, very,very few people I would give up a Vikings game for, but she is definitely one of them!

Today's Lula is a slate blue and cream Irma, jeans and a sweater from Target. But really, the outfit is made by these amazing studded boots! I love love love them! I was not a fan of studs, but The Princess talked me into buying them because they were on sale and she loves studded stuff. And they are so comfortable and cute!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

She'll be there when you hit the ground....

Thursday....I had to stay up until 9:00 last night because I was watching Iron Chef. I knew Bobby Flay was going to win (because he's Bobby Flay) but I still had to stay up and see who won Battle Thanksgiving Leftovers.

I do this super dumb thing where I wear a jacket or heavy sweater into work and then leave it there (on accident) when I go home. I have quite the collection of jackets and sweaters here. And none at home. I'm super brilliant sometimes. So today my goal is to remember to bring home at least some of them. Because it's getting cooler out.

Today's Lula is an awesome hot pink Carly with green trim, fun leggings, and a $6 Wish app sweater. The leggings are more because it's 14 degrees outside. Only a little shows because of my high boots.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The double vision I was seeing is finally clear.....

Wednesday!! I went to bed last night before 8:00 because I was falling asleep on the couch. I went right to sleep, so I should be well-rested today. Today my work goal is to get through every single one of my 11,000 emails.                                       

So I have a work lap top that I hook up to use on dual monitors. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard and it worked great for a few months, but now it keeps errorring out and telling me that the USB device is not recognized. And apparently errorring was not a word. But it is now, so feel free to use it. Anyhow, I'm getting frustrated with having to unplug and plug back in the USB thingy. I need to find a fix. That will be this weekends mission. Maybe I just need to buy a new one??

Today's Lula is something new for me, I went with leggings, an Irma and a Monroe. I've never worn a Monroe before because I'm not a huge fan of fringe. I originally bought this one for the Princess because she loves fringe. But she needs to downsize her wardrobe, so I decided to keep the ones I bought her for Christmas because I think she needs cash instead of clothes. So, this Monroe matches the leggings so perfectly that I had to wear it. I could learn to like fringe if it's going to match this well.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride, heavy metal suicide.....

Tuesday....I had super good intentions of getting a lot of work done last night, but instead we worked on the pantry and then watched MNF. I wanted to see how the packers play without stupid Aaron Rodgers. I'm happy to say they suck with or without him. I'm sorry he's hurt, but he still gets paid.

I heard We Didn't Start the Fire on the way to work this morning. That song was like a 6 week long Wikipedia black hole for me trying to research some of the things he talks about in the song. I'm sort of an expert on Thalidomide now. Super useful knowledge. But seriously, some of the stories behind the lyrics are fascinating. And it's true that "we" didn't start the fire, and there will always be something happening. The remake of this song in 30 years is sadly going to involve shootings at concerts and churches and schools, a racist, sexist president, and a huge sexual assault scandal in Hollywood. The world just sucks sometimes.

Onto my happy:

Last nights Lula was a super comfy solid Randy and digital roses leggings.

Today I am wearing a Julia for the first time ever. I originally thought I was too beach-ball-shaped to wear a Julia since it's a sheath dress. But sizing up means it doesn't fit super tight, and plus who cares? Who cares if I look like an overstuffed sausage? If that's your shape, then own it! I do not get dressed for anyone besides me. Nor should I. As long as I am comfortable and nothing inappropriate is hanging out, then who cares? Anyhow, so today is a Julia with an AMAZING sweater material Lindsay.  It's a bit too big, but matches so well that I had to wear it.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Chasing dreams since I was fourteen....

Monday! That extra hour of sleep went a long way towards making me feel like I may actually get better someday soon. I'm trying not to whine, but I'm still snotty and congested and coughing. It's getting old!

I had a pretty good weekend. I worked for several hours on Saturday morning and then  painted the pantry Saturday night. Including the ceiling. Which is a huge challenge for someone that's 5'3. But I got it done and it looks great. New shelves went up and a pantry organization system is in place.

I decided that since the Vikings weren't playing, I needed a Sunday morning pedicure. So I met ZarahZou at this awesome place in Richfield and got my toes made purpley. Then I splurged on a Salted Caramel Mocha Latte from Starbucks. It was good. But way too expensive. It cuts into my Lula and Pedi budget too much. Priorities, people!!!

I ended last night with the new Walking Dead episode and then went to bed.

Today's Lula is a fabulous, colorful Nicole with a Lindsay over top.

Friday, November 03, 2017

He plays a melody born to tear me all apart

FRIDAY!!! Finally. Even though it's not really Friday since I will be working all weekend. But at least it won't involve a commute. I'm still using (and loving) the Waze app. It is definitely the best direction app I've tried.

Okay, back to work!!

Today's Lula is an Irma and jeans since it's Friday. I love the flowers on this one.