Tuesday, April 24, 2018

All the cards were held by you.....

My allergies have reached an all time high. Yay for spring! Only 7 or so months until it snows and I can breathe again.

Last night I did my winter to summer closet switch over. I also filled up 2 huge bags of stuff to donate. The thrift store is going to get a ton of new or nearly new clothes that I just don't wear. All of my dressy work pants, all of my pull over sweaters, pretty much everything that is not Lula had to go. I made so much more room! I had like 4000 sweaters that I didn't wear all winter, so why was I keeping them????

Today's Lula is a Julia worn as a top instead of a dress and a Lindsay:

Laura Branigan - Solitaire

Monday, April 23, 2018

You'll find that things have changed....

Monday.....I had a pretty good weekend. My toes look fantastic after my pedi. And the weather was perfect!  I am so ready for the sun. Not to like go outside and do stuff, but to wear sandals to work. I cleaned out the cabinet under the bathroom sink yesterday. I have more bottles of lotion and body wash than some small stores.

Yesterday I made a Mexican quesadilla casserole (thank you ZarahZou for the idea). I think it will become part of my regular rotation. It was super good! And I have an extra one in the freezer.

Today's Lula is an Azure, a Classic, a Sarah and leggings. I searched all over for this Classic and am so glad I found it!

And this weekends Lula:

And finally, the leggings I tore when I fell a few weeks ago were one of my favorite pairs. I was able to find a replacement on Poshmark for super cheap. So I cut ripped ones into shorts. I may cut off a couple more pair.

The Rembrandts - Just the Way it is

Friday, April 20, 2018

The mountains that we moved......

FRIDAY!!! Also, it's Pedi Eve. And that's one of the greatest holidays I've ever invented. I want to switch over my winter wardrobe to my summer one this weekend. I'm optimistic that winter might be over, so I'm getting my Cassie's ready and putting away my heavy sweaters. I think I might need to find a self-tanner, too. So much to do to get ready for warm weather!

Today's Lula is a Lynnae and a Shirley. Probably the last time the fleece Shirley will be worn until it snows again. (Which could be next week)

Against the Wind - Bob Seger

Thursday, April 19, 2018

She would merengue and do the cha-cha.....

Tomorrow is Friday! It's been a rather long week, with the snow and sucky driving. But last night the weather guy said he was almost certain that we probably likely would maybe not have any more blizzards this spring. I'm trusting him. Because I am so ready for sandals and skirts.

I tried the Target Up & Up version of Proactiv. And it's a no. It does not seem to have the gritty-exfoliationess of the original. And I think the exfoliation is part of what helps my skin. And also, the bottles are a harder plastic and are difficult for me to squeeze. I am suffering from both Carpal Tunnel and arthritis in one of my thumbs, and I don't have the strength to easily dispense the product. And I think it's because of the heavier plastic. Getting old is horrible when you have to do things like make product choices based on the packaging. If I thought the product was comparable, I would find a way around the bottle. But it's not. And that's too bad because it's a 1/3 of the price.

Today's Lula is a Lola, a Lindsay and a Lynnae. And, of course, leggings because it is springtime in Minnesota.

And last nights Lulajammies was a Patrick with leggings.

Copacabana - Barry Manilow

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Like a fly on the wall with my secret eyes.....

Wednesday. Last night I wanted to take a nap, but instead we painted. And it looks great, and I'm glad we got more done, but today my back and arms hurt and I'm tired!

Pedi appointment on Saturday. I can not wait! My toes are all chipped, but I also have a couple super good presents for ZarahZou. I hope she loves them. I'm already thinking about what color polish to choose. Once she leaves, I will have to find a new pedi place that I can go to on my own. Maybe I'll make it like a regular payday thing or something. I think I deserve it!

Today's Lula is leggings and an Ann Taylor sweater dress that I got from the Poshmark app. It was brand new with the tags and like 60% off retail. Super duper score!

No Doubt - Hey Baby

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Yeah,tell me now, take the initiative....

So back to reality.....I've been working from home the past few days. Last week I woke up with an unbearable toothache. You know it's bad if I decide to not ignore it and wait a few days. So I went into my dentist at 8:30 am and they could not diagnosis which tooth it was because the pain was coming from every direction but seemed to be originating from a tooth that I had a root canal on a few years ago. So they made me an appointment to see a specialist for the afternoon. After a pretty cool 360 x-ray, it was determined that one of my root canals failed, and was majorly infected.

So, I've been on antibiotics and steroids for the past few days to get it under control so that the root canal can be redone. The pain has been tremendous. But it has gone done quite a bit and I'm hopeful! However, I don't know if it's one of the meds or the infection, but I have never been this tired so slept this much. I like to sleep. A lot. But sleeping 18-20 our of 24 hours is very unusual for me. And it's heavy sleep. But today I am back at work and am going to soldier through the pain.

I did actually get quite a bit of work done at home yesterday, so at least I don't have to struggle to get current. So, there's that.

Today's Lula is a Lynnae and a Lindsay with jeans:

And some of my Lula from the past few days:

Back to Life - Soul II Soul

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Glide by the people as they start to look and stare.....

At least it's not Monday. I am so tired, I think it might be because last night was day 1 on the treadmill. And for the record, it was the most painful walk of my entire life. My back is all kinds of messed up. But I think the walking was probably good for it, and I included about 20 minutes of stretching, so that will help. And I woke up and my back feels better than it usually does. Maybe tonight will be easier.

Yesterday's healthy eating went very well. For dinner I had a bowl of lettuce and I dumped a can of albacore and a small shake of walnuts on it. I topped it with Bolthouse Farms Caesar dressing. Dessert was a bowl of grapes. Day one was a success!

Today's Lula is a Perfect and a Sarah with a pair of Aeropostale colored jeans. That perfectly match my shoes and socks. I had to add the Sarah because it's only 30 degrees.

Last night's #lulajammies was leggings and a Patrick. Super comfy! 

Cameo - Word Up

Monday, April 09, 2018

If you wanna be sure, you best go powder your nose......

Back to work. I had a pretty good weekend, I got 1700 loads of laundry done. And I decided that I'm on a mission to eat healthier. I prepped meals and snacks for the whole week. I will be eating baked chicken, brown rice and cauliflower and broccoli for lunch every day. Breakfast will be a Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwich, fat free Greek yogurt and an orange. Snacks are 1/2 cup light cottage cheese, 3/4 cup baby carrots and 3/4 cup cherry tomatoes. Dinners are yet to be determined.

I also made the commitment to do a session on the treadmill every night, Monday-Friday. this works out well because I started watching The American's on Prime and I can watch that from my iPad while I walk. I have a number of dresses and tops that would look much better if I lost several pounds and didn't look like a stuffed sausage wearing them. Plus I saw a picture of my on the Wild Fan Cam and was not happy with the way it looked.

I highly do not recommend using the freezing wart remover kit on eczema, no matter how much it itches. I now have a huge, deep, painful blister that itches around it. Hopefully it will heal and the blistery part will not itch. But then I'll probably use the freezy stuff on the rest of my finger because sometimes I'm a slow learner. Also, eczema sucks.

Today's Lula is leggings, a Lynnae and a lacy Lindsay.

And some of this weekends Lula:

Leggings and Irma

Perfect and Sarah
Leggings and Irma

Klymaxx- Meeting in the Ladies Room

Friday, April 06, 2018

Talkin' in my sleep at night, makin' myself crazy.....

It's Friday! And I'm very glad about that!

I spent 85% of yesterday with a bra wire digging into me. I have bought all new bras within the past 2 months, so I started to get really cranky thinking this was one of my $48 Cacique bras. But, false alarm! It was one of the Daisy Fuentes bra's I picked up at Ross when I was in Cali. They were 2 for $15, so not a major loss. But still painful!

Today's Lula is a Perfect (thank you, ZarahZou) and a Sarah with jeans.

Dua Lipa - New Rules

Thursday, April 05, 2018

If I surround my self with positive things, I'll gain prosperity

Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday. Last night I made crab cakes for the first time ever, and they were actually pretty good. And now that I am an experienced crab-cake-maker, there are a couple of changes I will make to the recipe to make them even better. I also baked a cake. I was feeling slightly ambitious last night. That lasted right up until I was stirring the cake batter.

I am still patiently awaiting the arrival of spring weather. It has to come at some point, right???

Today's Lula is a Lynnae, a Lindsay and an Azure. I think this might be my only Azure skirt. I'm still trying to decide if it is a style I want to add to my collection.

Last nights Lula was leggings and an Irma. Purple and comfy!

Survivor - Destiny's Child

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

With a taste of a poison paradise.....

It's a cold Wednesday. Int he past 32 hours, it had snowed about 17 feet. AND IT'S APRIL!! Will it ever be spring? I actually had to wear a jacket today because "they" said it was cold. "They" are dumb because it was only a little chilly. Plus, it's April and I should be wearing flip flops.

I worked from home yesterday because of the blizzard. I actually got a lot done and am super proud of myself. Plus, I got to have waffles with peanut butter for breakfast and leftover mac & cheese for lunch. Pretty much the best day ever!

One of my favorite Lula Ladies was having a major anniversary special and selling everything for 40% off and donating $3 per item to the animal rescue that she got her doggy from. She is donating like $400. But I had to stay up super late to watch. I may or may not have contributed by buying a couple things. On sale and charitable donation are triggers for me!

Today's Lula is an Irma and Sarah with jeans:

And yesterday's Lula's - Leggings and Irma's:

Britney Spears - Toxic

Monday, April 02, 2018

You can bend me, you can break me.....

Monday...again. I worked from home on Friday and got a lot done. Especially since I worked until 5:00. But it's still going to be a busy day. The weather guy says it's supposed to snow, but my fingers are crossed that it doesn't! It's April and I'm ready for sandals.

My ColorStreet manicure is really holding up. I must say that I am surprised. I expected it to start peeling off after a couple showers and washing my hair. But it (knock on wood) is all still intact and looks pretty good.

My weekend was pretty good. Easter was busy because not only am I sick, but we started painting the kitchen. And I made dinner. I did 2 pans of homemade mac & cheese. One with bacon. Because yum! It went well with ham. And lots of leftovers.

I started playing the Lightening Round on Words with Friends. It is super challenging, but I think it's helping my game. I'm forced to see words faster and play as quickly as possible.

So, an unsolicited review of  this product:

Taste - okay. Price - YIKES! It's $2.99 but it was on the Ibotta for $1.00 back. But even for only $2, it's rather pricey for a breakfast. Because the taste was okay, if they go on clearance for $.89, I will buy several. But I will never pay $3 for it. That exceeds my breakfast budget by way too much. So, if it's on a super sale, buy it. If not, pass.

Today's Lula is leggings, a Lynnae and a Lindsay:

This weekends Lula:

John Mellencamp - Crumblin' Down

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I got a little rhyme for ya each.....

It's Thursday! I finally got around to doing my ColorStreet manicure, and I have to save I'm very impressed! It was easy, and looks mostly okayish. I'm on the wrong side of the learning curve at the moment, but for a first attempt I think they look acceptable. I think I will probably get better at doing this. and no mess! And no drying time.

Yesterday I also watched Roxanne, Roxanne on Netflix. I really liked the movie, but I have to say I like The Real Roxanne better than Roxanne's Revenge. Either way, it was a good movie.

The Wild game tonight! I know I'm not a hockey fan, but free tickets are free tickets! Except I had to buy a Wild jersey, so they weren't exactly free.

Today's Lula is leggings, a Lynnae and a lacy Lindsay.

Last night's Lula was roller skate leggings. 

The Real Roxanne

Roxanne's Revenge - Roxanne Shante

Roxanne, Roxanne - UTFO

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Catch the mystery, catch the drift....

Wednesday! So I didn't get to do my nails last night because I accidentally fell asleep and took a 2 hour nap. It was fantastic! I love naps! I only woke up because it was way past dinner time and I was starving. So I made a super fancy dinner of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Yum! So, my nails are on the agenda for tonight. Also, I can take a long nap and still go to bed on time. And still wake up tired.

Today I hit the triple whammy of awesomeness. I had to leave 10 minutes early to stop and get gas, I got to stand in the cold, and I got to pay $35. I'm still not sure why I didn't stop after work yesterday to fill my tank.

Also, Bingo Blitz people: it is nearly April! Why have I not been able to finish the Jolly Jackpot Christmas slots???  I have been playing that room EVERY SINGLE DAY with all of my coins and I still need 2 items. I should not be playing December slots in April!  Why am I still playing this game?

I might be cranky today.

Today's Lula is leggings, an Irma and a lovely lace Sarah:

Rush - Tom Sawyer

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Another b-grade movie for life's big silver screen.....

Another Tuesday! It seems like I've been working for hours already, but it's only 7:30. I have gotten a lot done already, so there's that.  Last night we made hamburgers with homemade hamburger buns. They turned out surprisingly well, but HOLY CARBS!

I got my first shipment of ColorStreet nail polish strips. I'm excited to try them out tonight. Fingers crossed they work, because they seem so easy. I got a silver french manicure. I'm definitely going to have to find a youtube video before I start. I watched one of the regular color application, but the French is a 2-step process. Pretty polished fingers crossed I can do this.

Today's Lula is a rose Perfect with a Lindsay with black pants. I love this Perfect!

Last night's Lula was an Irma and polka dot leggings. Perfect LulaJammies!

Lacy J Dalton Everybody Makes Mistakes

Monday, March 26, 2018

I wish it was Sunday, 'Cause that's my fun day....

Another Monday...... I'm having problems with Snapchat. They are totally user issues. I keep accidentally sending snaps to the wrong people. I have snapped the Vikings 3 times with pictures meant for the Princess. And some of the pictures were embarrassing because we snap each other silly faces. I have sent snaps to at least 10 people accidentally. They aren't anything bad, I only use snapchat to stay in contact with my daughter. We have a snapstreak over 400 days long, you'd think by now I would have figured out how to not press the wrong buttons.

My weekend was good, very uneventful. The only time I left the house was to do D2's dad's taxes. Other than that, I just did stuff around the house. Laundry, Netflix, eating ice cream.....I finished the latest season of Scandal and am starting season 4 of Being Mary Jane. Such a good show! I also cooked a roast yesterday. Thank you, ZarahZou. It was probably the bestest roast I've ever made. I threw it in the crockpot with 18,000 different spices, including 5000 cloves of garlic. It turned out phenomenal. Since I was serving it with heat & eat Simply Potatoes garlic mashed  (thank you, Ibotta) and microwave steamed veggies, I decided that I should do some real cooking and I made homemade biscuits. They actually turned out edible. It was a great dinner!

Today's pattern matching is a little sketchy. I made an emergency facetime call to The Princess last night to see if I matched, and she said "I'd never wear it together, but I can see you doing it". Last night I was confident, today I'm on the fence. But I am covering it with knee high boots and a long Sarah, so maybe no one will notice that the Lynnae and Leggings might not match.

 And yesterday's leggings and Irma:

 Saturday's Lula for leaving the house - leggings, an Irma and a Sarah:

And Friday nights LulaJammies - an Irma and leggings:

The Bangles - Manic Monday

Friday, March 23, 2018

In the midnight hour.....

It's Friday! I decided to sleep in an extra 45 minutes. In retrospect, that was sort of a bad idea. Because then I end up with 15 minutes to get ready. And it takes me that long just to wash my face. I left 5 minutes later than I intended, but it's Friday so I was still at work 45 minutes before I actually need to be here. I hope today flies by. I have a ton of work to do, so that should help.

Last night I pulled leftover enchiladas from the freezer for dinner. They reheat super good! Next time I make them, I'm going to make several extra pans. Because that was like the easiest dinner ever. I love easy.

I brought in the rest of my jar of JewelScent Calm Lavender aroma beads to put on my desk. They smell really good, and maybe they will make my office more relaxing. Either that, or I will spill them and end up on my hands and knees picking up tiny beads. We'll see.

Today's Lula is an Irma and Sarah with jeans. One of my favorite combo's.

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Or am I origami, folded up and just pretend....

Thursday! I really need to quit accidentally falling asleep around 6:00. Even if I only sleep for half an hour, it becomes impossible to fall asleep before midnight. And so, then I wake up super tired. And accidentally fall asleep at 6:00 and so on and so forth. Vicious cycle. I need to break it.

I have a basket of Mexican candy on my desk. I brought it back from Cali and it is filled with yummy mango-chili suckers and other fun stuff. It's not in the basket to share with people, it's in the basket because I had no place else to put it. I don't share candy.

Today's Lula is a Lynnae, a Sarah and "dancing pineapple lady" leggings. These are not something I would normally wear to work, but I needed something with a black background and a color I have a Lynnae to match so I could wear black shoes. I don't think boots would be comfortable on my skinned up calf (from falling yesterday).

Last nights LulaJammies - my favoritest pair of leggings and a Randy. 

Eve 6 Inside Out