Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Arms entwined, the chosen few....

Wednesday! I'm very tired, I think I'll sleep for 118 hours tonight. with my co-worker Cindy out of the office for 6-8 weeks, I am handling all of her work and I'm quite busy! But busy is good!

Auditions last night went great, but ZarahZou has some work to do because some fantastic actors showed up. I'm glad I don't have to make any casting decisions, I just get to call the people and offer them their parts.

My current addition is snapchat. And my only snapchat friend is The Princess. So I send her lots and lots of snaps. I've never taken so many selfies.

I had a fantastic hair day on Monday and I have not been able to duplicate it. I wonder what I did? Also, I have not colored my hair in nearly 3 months. And I don't think I have any gray!

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