Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You never let me cross to the other side now.....

It's a Wednesday that feels like a Monday. 5 days off was great, but it is so hard to come back to work. I could have used a few more days to sleep.

This was one of the best Christmas's I've had in a very long time. It was a wonderfully relaxing day. And a couple people gave me the best presents that show they really know me! D2 got me a bunch of wonderful Vikings themed items: a soft, fuzzy blanket, a bracelet, socks, a coffee mug....things I absolutely love! M got me things that he noticed I need: slippers, slipper socks, gloves, a travel coffee cup. Very super thoughtful stuff and I love it all. In addition to that, there was a rather large gift card to my most favorite place - It's so wonderful when someone knows you so well!!

I have 12 billion work things to get done today. Taking a day off is so hard, the work just backs up. Court yesterday was interesting. But I'm not going to say too much about it in case a certain someone is googling me. If she is, please know that I just want the best for the kids and they are what is most important!

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